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Truck Driving: Finding The Right Driving School Is Important Autos Articles | October 30 Cheap Randall Cunningham Jersey , 2012
The writer explains the different facets of truck driver training and how to make use of the training from driving schools to build a lucrative career.
Truck driving is a highly paid career. It is no easy job. It calls for dedicated hard work. To start the career as a truck driver, a commercial driver?s license is a must. Annually a moderately experienced truck driver earns $35,000, while drivers of tractorstrailers earn even more.?
All leading driving schools conduct truck driving programs as part of the pre-license training for Class 1 or Class A license. Passing a braking course is mandatory before starting the Truck driving program.?
Generally there are three types of truck driving schools: programs offered through community colleges; private truck driving schools and schools operated by trucking companies.?
All truck driving programs have a normal duration of 18 weeks and truck driving courses follow structured curriculum with hard practice sessions. An ideal truck driving school gives driving lessons that pertain to not only driving procedures but also all aspects of truck driving.?
Class A License
After obtaining Class 1 or Class A license Cheap Clayton Thorson Jersey , a driver gets the eligibility to drive big rigs, buses, tractor trailers and other heavy duty vehicles. Commercial truck driving schools prepare students for Class 'A' Commercial Driver's License (CDL) to drive different types of trucks and tractor trailers. A truck training program comprises on-site as well as on job driver training. ?The CDL mandates 160 clock hours in theory classes.?
Main Topics?
A Truck driving program covers the following topics in various training modules. They include,?
CDL: Air brakes Cheap Shareef Miller Jersey , Combination vehicles (doubles and triples), General knowledge, Tank trucks and transport of hazardous materials.
Basic operation: This covers shifting, vehicle and control systems Cheap JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , orientation, vehicle inspection, tandem axles and sliding fifth wheels, coupling and uncoupling Cheap Miles Sanders Jersey , hours of service and backing up.
Safe Procedures: Pace management and vehicle communication: Speeding ?
Advanced Procedure: Recovery, Skid control; hard driving conditions, night driving, emergency maneuvers; hazard detection.?
Vehicle Systems and Malfunctions: Servicing Cheap Andre Dillard Jersey , Preventive maintenance, recognizing malfunctions and reporting problems
Selecting the Driving School
The onus lies with the students to get the best driving schools for their pre-license training. Licensed driving schools ensure that the learner receives a certain level of driving education, professionalism, and customer service.
During CDL training Wholesale Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , students are taught the necessary knowledge and skills to pass a series of tests to obtain their CDL. CDL training begins with classroom instruction geared towards passing the written exams for a CDL permit.?
CDL Permit
Most CDL training schools train drivers for a class A CDL, which allows the holder to drive a tractor trailer that weighs over 26,000 pounds. The learner's permit is called CDL permit which allows a student truck driver to practice his driving skills on public roads under a CDL licensed driver or instructor.?
Each program has different characteristics, so prospective students need to evaluate which type of school is right for them. Overall the duration of CDL training programs varies from school to school. Programs range from a few weeks up to 6 months Wholesale Eagles Jerseys , depending on the program?s nature as part-time or full-time.
Licensed driving schools
While choosing a truck driving school, it must be ensured that the school has the required certifications and licenses. It must meet the industry standards. That is why students are advised to be vigilant against shady providers who might be providing training that are not legally valid. Many truck driving schools partner with companies for offering placement for drivers. During the training, different traffic rules and common signs will be taught on top of the driving skills.?

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